"Hardwired Blues" is the 3rd single to be released before forthcoming album "Come a Long Way"
by Irish artist Ben Reel which will be released June 2023.
It will be Ben Reel's 11th studio album with 11 brand new self penned songs.
"Hardwired Blues" is a real blues song at heart with lyrical echos of Stax records "Born Under a Bad Sign"
or Ray Charles singing "If It Wasn't For Bad Luck". The song has an old school sound of a wailing harmonica
and twanging telecaster guitars which gives the kind of vibe of Dylan going electric in 1965.


Hardwired Blues
I'm guilty of breaking my own rules
I can't walk straight in my new shoes
Nothing but the same old story, de ja vu
Im stuck in the groove,I've got the hardwired blues 

I'm just like a rat on a thread mill 
Chasing after my own tail
I give in to my muse, U Say what's new 
I'm stuck in the groove, Hardwired blues
And I said baby, it ain't right for u to judge me at all
No it ain't right for you to let me to always take the fall.
You say it's my fault every time we hit the wall. Now we've hit that wall

I guess I'm just kidding myself 
No one to blame but me 
It's hard to face up to the facts, Let the truth be told 
I'm stuck in the groove, Hardwired blues

Complacency, I take my eye off of the game 
Result always ends up, just the same 
Heads u win,  tails I loose 
I fall off the wagon, cut and bruised 
I'm still stuck in the groove, Hardwired blues
Same old news, I got the Hardwired blues, (rpt)