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New Single - Tear It Down (Nashville version)- Out Now

Tear It Down (Nashville version)

Ben Reel

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Released on 31st December 2020 @ 11pm the same time that UK left the EU. This song was recorded in Nashville as part of The Nashville Calling album sessions but I left it off the album because of its contentious theme. It is an anti Brexit song and also marks 100 years of a border been drawn up on the island of Ireland. The British interfered in many a nation drawing up border lines through tribal and religious territories like India, The Middle East, Africa & Asia. I often wonder how history would have played out differently without their meddling.

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Vinyl, Cd and digital download available NOW in website shop for worldwide physical & digital disribution.

New album - The Nashville Calling

9th studio album by Ben Reel. Recorded in Nashville TN. Featuring Garry W Tallent from The E Street Band on bass. Produced by Will Kimbrough, Ben Reel and Tommy Womack.

No.1 in the Euro Americana chart for April 2020 - The Nashville Calling. Voted by respected DJ's & Journalist across Europe.”

Euro Americana chart - April 2020

11 heavenly storming roots rocksongs sounds like the urgency of a hungry debutant who wants to win a war. And he sometimes can put the finger on the spirit of the age. Tough times... That's the Reel stuff. - 4/5 stars” - Herman Van Der Horst

— Lust for Life Magazine, Netherlands. The Nashville Calling review 2020

These are songs about the resilience and the brave. They could be soundtracks and theme songs for the first responders in our current health pandemic. Reel has all the ingredients of the best roots rockers – swagger, attitude, heart and a way with words. And, his voice is so much better than most. Listen up.” - Jim Hynes

Glide Magazine U.S.A - The Nashville Calling review 2020

Artists always want to believe their latest record is the best they’ve ever created, but The Nashville Calling just might be Ben Reel’s best” - Gary Wien

New Jersey Stage Magazine, USA - The Nashville Calling interview 25/05/2020

There’s not a single track that doesn’t immediately sink in tomake an emphatic initial impression. For those who are unfamiliar with his previous work, this is the place to begin. Dare we say it’s the “Reel Deal?” - Lee Zimmerman

Goldmine,The Music Collector's Magazine. U.S.A - The Nashville Calling review 2020