New music 2022 - Brand new single - Isolation Blues

Isolation Blues

Ben Reel

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Isolation Blues has a playful swampy blues song. Its a humorous tongue & cheek take on lockdown in which we all had to endure this last 2 years. Hopefully we all have a brighter year ahead and this song can help us look back and laugh about it someday soon.

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Latest News: Brand new single - Isolation Blues out January 2022 followed up by new album to be released late spring titled Locked In & Live. The album will feature 10 new studio tracks plus 8 live tracks from the back catalogue that was recorded during lockdown. Its a kind of double album that will fit on one CD. Side A - Locked In and Side B - Live. - Coming soon

New live Album - Available Now @ Music Store - click on artwork below

Live @JJ Smyths Dublin
The performance, although it is quickly approaching ten-years-old, is serving as a timeless classic at one of the most iconic music venues on Dublin’s music circuit.” - Antony Bailey

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The music of this Irish band certainly falls under roots rock, but then Irish roots rock. So you are dealing here with powerful, intense folky rock. A great atmospheric live album by the Ben Reel Band.” - Peter Marinus

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Current album - The Nashville Calling

9th studio album by Ben Reel. Recorded in Nashville TN. Featuring Garry W Tallent from The E Street Band on bass. Produced by Will Kimbrough, Ben Reel and Tommy Womack.