From the recording Isolation Blues

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Isolation blues, I should’ve found a girl
Before Donald Trump ruined the world
He blames China but he’s a fool
He stopped the funding for you know who
I’m sick and tired of everyday, watching the news
I’m coming down with isolation blues

I wish I was locked down with you
The pretty girl on TV in the high heel shoes.
I’m sitting here in my shithole flat all alone
The only company I’ve got is my mobile telephone
I can’t take it anymore, I think I’m gonna blow a fuse
I’m coming down with isolation blues

I’m bored of Netflix I’ve watched every show.
I can’t stand the music that their playing on the radio.
For 2 months solid I haven’t left this room.
I’m coming down with cabin fever, not the Covid flu.

Isolation blues it’s not good for you
If Corona won’t kill you, I think this will do
I’ve watched every conspiracy theory on YouTube
My head is spinning round with all this fake news
I’m drinking more and more whiskey than I was ever used to.
I think I’m going to die from isolation blues
Isolation blues, I’ve got nothing left to do
but sit around here and wait till they lift this damn curfew.
I wanna break out, I wanna be free
I wanna shake the hands of my old enemies.
I wanna hug and kiss, I wanna hold you tight,
I wanna dance with you until the morning light
Isolation blues, Isolation blues
I can’t take it any more
I think I’m going to blow fuse
I’m coming down with isolation blues