1. Could've Been

From the recording Darkness & The Light

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Could’ve Been
I’m a dangerous man on the streets of this town
Getting into fights on Saturday night
I’m drunk today and I’ll be drunk tomorrow
I’m down and I’m out, I’m too far gone

I’m so sorry that I hurt you
I’m so sorry for the things I done

We could’ve been, together
It should have been, forever, amen

They say I’m past the point of rescue
They say I died the day I lost you
Well I don’t blame you for up and leavin
I wish I could turn back this clock of pain

You know I’ll always love you baby
But I know, I’ll never get the chance again

Maybe I’ll head out to California
Get some heat back into my bones
Another lost soul in the city of angels
Another drifter without a home

I pray to you lord for forgiveness
And I know, it comes down to you and me in the end