1. River of Time

From the recording Darkness & The Light

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3. River of Time
Waitin for a train, that never comes
Just can’t move, when I try to run
I’ve had that dream, a thousand times
Is it tryin to warn me, what does it mean
Just like a feather, floatin in the wind
Where will it take me, where will I end

No Rhyme, nor reason
No Rhythm, nor rhyme
Just be a friend, to the river of time (rpt)

No beginning, there’s no end
To this river, I don’t understand
Just don’t push, against its flow
Take your hands off the wheel, just let it all go
Glorious mystery, will we ever know
Just surrender, and let it wash your soul

The truth is shattered, into a million pieces
That no man can put, together again
I look into the eyes, of a million faces
The answers are locked, deep inside their minds
The waters of wisdom, flow down to the sea
The ancient secrets, she holds the key