From the recording 7th

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John Lennon shot in Manhattan
December 8th 1980
A guy called Chapman blew him away
But his spirit still lives with us here today

The girl with the beautiful body
She,s just like a snail in a shell
When she gets old, she’s gonna wither and die
Where she gonna go, nobody can tell

Yeh where all souls alive (rpt)

Too many religions when there’s only one God
Too many decisions to make
Too many wars going on in this world
Someday they’ll drop all the bombs and blow us all away

Cos everybody wants to be a millionaire
With all that silver & gold
Tonight I just wanna breathe the air
Come on with me baby lets rock ‘n’ roll

Yeh we’re movin’ down the river
All souls tonight, Yeh we,re movin’ down the river
Rock ‘n’ rollin tonight
Yeh we,re movin’, movin’, movin’
Ah, won,t U move with me