1. Say

From the recording 7th

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Baby will you wear my ring
Will u say I do
You’re the only woman that I want
I swear I swear I’ll be true

I know babe that you’re the one
And I’ll give all my heart to you
Please will u say u will
Will u be my girl, cause no one else will do


Say you’ll love me for all time
Won’t u tell me so
Say you’ll love me all your life
I just gotta know

Verse 2
Baby you’re my fatal desire
Girl you set my soul on fire
I can’t live without you
Can’t breathe without you
So kiss me quick I’m dying

Baby in the dark of the night
I can’t get u out of my mind
I can’t sleep I’m tossing
Can’t sleep I’m turning
I need you right here by my side


Please , please , please


Please, do you love me, Tell me