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Resurrection Man (Ben Reel, Tony McLoughlin)

I took 3 hundred lashes from a rhino hide bullwhip
And I lived to tell the tale.
I followed that bastard to the shores of lake Albert
Cut out his heart so they put me in jail
I busted out of that prison after 39 days, I cheated on the hangman
From the Congo river basin to the blue blue Nile
I blazied a trail of death and mayhem

Surrendered in the heart of darkness, bloodied disabled disarmed
Resurrection man, that’s who I am

I was a black hearted villain on the opium trail
misery followed my name
Blood flowed down the Ganges as we butchered and maimed
On the highway from India
We loaded those ships on the banks of the Bengaul
Legalized drug warlords
Brought the Chinese empire to its knees, mercenaries for the queen
I am a vengeful assassin and I’ll die by the sword
Murder mutiny and mayhem
Under the cry of seize burn and destroy
We are killer’s liars cheats and madmen
I carry many flags and use any and all deception
A pirate and a privater.
Emissary of pity when you’re begging please
I’ll be your judge when you’re pleading for mercy

A self annointed despot warrior messiah
wreaked havoc around this world
Resurrection Man , That’s who I am