From the recording 7th

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I’ve been thinkin’, about a change of scenery
I’ve been looking for a different point of view
I’ve been struggling with the big picture
That’s in my head that I used to know for sure.

These days , well I’ve been thinking about it
These days, got to do something about it
These days, one of these days.

Verse 2
I’m searchin’, for a new direction
Pull back the blinds let the sun that’s shining through
Don’t like the look of my own reflection
Woke up this morning in a mood for something new


One of these days, oh I’m gonna break the mold
One of these days, I’m gonna find my own way back home

Verse 3
I can’t drink as much as I used to
I can’t keep up tryin’ to run around after you
The world is changing gotta do what you’ve gotta do
No black or white just a different kinda blue