1. Drifting

From the recording Land of Escape

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Fall asleep in the summer breeze
Fall off the earth In a lucid dream
I don't know what drugs your taken
I don't know if you are faking.
You let the rain fall on your skin
Chasing rainbows that just ain't real
I don't know what colours your seeing
I don't know if you’re in my spectrum
Is it really that time again
Life flashes by like a bullet train
But you got off at the wrong station

You came like a cosmic space drifter
You fell from grace, a shape shifter.
I don't know what planet your from
And u don't know what planet your on.
Your mind reflects the dark side of the moon.
Cold but mysterious eclipsing doom
You roam through the night cloak and dagger
Beyond space and time and matter.

Where have u gone
When did you lose control
I can't reach you down in your hole
Like a sunken ship how did u stoop so low
Down in the ocean depths, way down deep below