1. Healing Hands

From the recording Land of Escape

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Healing Hands

I remember you had flowers in your hair
When I came home from the war
it was an Indian summer sky
Tinted red pink and saffron
Your skin was soft and warm
in the mellow evening breeze
You bathed me down on the river
With your healing hands of love

With your healing hands of love (rpt 4)

We watched the enchanted sunset
Over the mountainside
As it slowly sank down
And give its way to the sultry moonlight
Left behind an orange glow
On the horizon line
Such a beautiful sky, reflected in your eyes
We reached for the stars above

With Healing Hands of Love (rpt 4)

Man should savour such moments in life
For life itself is just a moment
You must be the change you wish to see in the world
There's two things in life that for sure are true
Is that you're born and then you die
Everything in between your just searching trying to find

Oh the healing hands of love (rpt 4)