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  1. Broken

From the recording The Nashville Calling

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This album was recorded in Skinny Elephant studio Nashville in early March 2019 featuring Garry W Tallent bass player with the legendary E Street Band. The album was recorded all live takes in the studio over 3 days. Produced by Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack.


Broken people broken homes
Broken noses broken bones
I see on those faces wherever I go.
I see it all the time when I’m out on the road.

Hard times come, hard times stay
Some folks know no other way
Struggling just to get through this hard day
Struggling most their lives away

Broken bottles on the floor.
Another drink might be the cure
Tie it tight to try and find the vain
Shoot it up to wash away the pain.

Take a closer look around
Hidden in the shadows of this town
People just bury their heads and walk on by
Pretend not to see, turn a blind eye.

Scratch the surface, it will bleed
The pain and hardship underneath
Too many hungry mouths to feed
Homeless sleeping on the street
While they spread their evil seeds of war
Trillions of dollars spent on blood and gore
They have it all but they’re thirsty for more, thirsty for more

Broken people broken homes
Broken noses broken bones
Your just another number on some bankers sheet
Your just some cannon fodder for the elite

Broken people broken homes
Broken noses broken bones
Broken lives Broken dreams
It's broken down , it's broken me, Its broken, Its broken