1. Fine Wine

From the recording The Nashville Calling

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You were the dreamer
You made dreams come to life
When your smile reached us
It felt like the healing sun, beams of light
Made us feel much better
I hear you calling one more for the night
You made us feel alright

Miss you, miss you, fine wine, oh yes I do
Miss you, miss you, fine wine
Yeah but we had our good times.

Doctor won’t you please, give me a pill to ease this life
I need some pain release
Want to leave all the suffering behind,
And I thank you kindly
For all those times you made the world more bright
You were a shining light


Now you’re sailing on heavens seas
Feel your spirit still blowing in the breeze
Now you’ve reached Gods golden shore
Since you left things aren’t the same round here no more
A space that can’t be filled
You left before your time
No better man you’d find
You had a touch of class
To you I raise my glass


(This song was written in memory for the late Dr. Michael O’Gorman RIP)