From the recording The Nashville Calling

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Silver moon over the trees
I hear you whispering in the breeze
Just go and follow your dreams
Life is more simple than it seems (rpt 2nd verse)

The sun goes down once again
How many times more will I see it rise
Life goes by in the blinking of an eye
I'm just driving round his next bend, what’s round the next bend

I don't know, nobody knows where it goes
Where do we go, I don't know
only God knows (rpt2)

Just keep it simple
Don't get too complicated
Between the ditches
Keep it on the road
On the right path
Oh Follow your heart and soul
Your life path, the right path
It's laid out in front of you
Just let go, just let go, let the spirit wheel go.


What's comes around it goes around, Round the next bend I’m just driving round it.
I don't know, nobody knows where it goes, where do we go, I don't know.
Only God knows.