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  1. Safe And Sound

From the recording The Nashville Calling

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This album was recorded in Skinny Elephant studio Nashville in early March 2019 featuring Garry W Tallent bass player with the legendary E Street Band. The album was recorded all live takes in the studio over 3 days. Produced by Will Kimbrough, Ben Reel & Tommy Womack.


Safe and sound on my shoulder
I can feel you there watching over me now.

When the lights go out
and another day is gone without you here beside me
People lie when they say time will heal
Because your grieving is never, never, never, really over.
They say one day that time will come to us all
You don't know, you don't know, you don’t know,
what's round the next corner.
But I know, I know I can feel your presence now,
now that I'm more sensitive to the spirit world, just listen to your heart, listen to your heart.

Safe and sound on my shoulder
I can feel you there watching over me now.

Now the summers gone
and another year has nearly passed me by without you by my side
Autumn’s here and once again, once again everything dies around us,
all around us.
As the nights crawl in with their cold winds
I stare into an open fire and I ask myself
who we really are, who really are we
Are we at the mercy of God above,
Some fragile souls who yearn for love.
So c’mon take me now, I just wanna be with you.

Since you've gone I've been lost
I've cried Endless streams of tears (rpt2)