From the recording The Nashville Calling

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The word is on the street today
The people’s gonna have their say
Let the voices ring out, don’t turn a blind eye,
don’t turn a blind eye
One day soon our day will come
Be a good day for everyone
Things will get better on down the line
On down the line

So hold on baby, cause times are changing
It will all happen, over again, All in good time
So hold on baby, this worlds gone crazy
It will all happen All in good time, All in good time

I heard it on the news today
A sea of change is on the way
They say good things come for those that wait
It’s been a long wait.
And Patience is a real virtue
Wait for me and I’ll wait for u
You’re always in a hurry , just slow down, just slow down


And time feels like it’s speeding up
speeding up and spinning around
While eternity just is
No such thing as time

If my whole life was in lived vain
That would be a crying shame
But the truth is no one will remember your name
In a hundred years from now.