U People

Ben Reel Band

A revolutionary reggae rebel song to "make politicians history". Recorded on the same desk Bob Marley recorded No Woman No Cry and Exodus.


The story so far…. A A revolutionary reggae rebel song "A song for our times" A song to make politicians history, a song against the bankers, pranksters and gangsters of this world. Recorded in London in 2005 on the same desk Bob Marley recorded No Woman No Cry and Exodus.This summer 2009, the song is being re released for download only worldwide.

This song was written by Ben Reel and Rainbow George (Weiss) London,s most famous far left wing idealist of fringe politics .A few videos has been made of the song (which u can check out on YouTube) which was used as a party political broadcast for "The vote for yourself Rainbow party" for the 2005 U.K parlimentry elections and also twice in N.Ireland elections.It was shown 5 times on the one day on BBC1. Rainbow George is the most famous squatter in the world, a man whom inherited a £750,000 apartment in Londons Hampsted Heath.and managed to blow all the money in 18 months on his outlandish campaigns. Now 67 years of age, penniless and threatened with eviction from his current rented home, George,s close friend ‘Ben Reel’ has decided to re release the song to help raise some cash for Rainbow George the self named ;Wondering Jew or ‘Apprentice Prophet’. The time is now right for this song ‘U PEOPLE’ Power to the people, the revolution is here

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