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'Don't fight it baby' released on all platforms on Fri 10th February 2023. It is the 1st single of 3 to be released from a brand new studio album 'Come a Long Way' coming out in June. It will be Ben Reel's 11th studio album featuring 11 new tracks. The song 'Don't fight it baby' sends the message to seize the moment in life, not to hold back and just go for it. The track moves along beautifully with big rhythmic acoustic guitars with the feel of Roy Orbisons 'I Drove All Night'. One particular DJ described it as having the sound that Jeff Lynne may have produced (think Tom Petty, Travelling Willburys). The song also features the famous Prophet 5 80's synth which gives the song the vibe that it could fit right in with the Netflix show "Stranger Things" soundtrack.


Don’t Fight It Baby
If there was one more song that I had to write
If there was one more fight that I had to fight
One more dream that I could dream
If there was one more kiss that I could steal.

If there was one more scene that my eyes could see
If there was one more place that I’d rather be
If I had one more day on the open road
Just one more place that I could go

Don’t fight it baby just let it go
Don’t fight it baby or you’ll never know (Get on with the show)

If I had one more night what would I do
Ah just one more night to be with you
One more time for old times sake
If there was one more chance that I could take.

If there was one more song that I could sing
One more gift that i could bring
If i could wish just for one more thing
Dial one more number who would I ring

Chorus - solo

So get out there and play like it was your last show
As if your days are numbered cause you never know
The final hour cometh the man
So go out there and give it all you can. -

chorus rpt