From the recording When I Was A Boy (2021 Version)

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"This was a song I first recorded way back in 2012 for my Darkness & The Light album which came out in 2013 but this song didn't make the cut as I felt it didn't quite suit on the record and I was never really happy with the original mix. It was a song I always felt had great potential as a single so during lockdown I revisited it and give it a complete make over. I re-did the lead vocal and some guitars and mixed and mastered it from scratch again. In this summer of 2021 I am delighted to finally share it to the world as its got that certain summer feel to it, enjoy". - Ben


Cleanse my soul, shiny new
Crystal clear blue, pure and true
Save yourself, it’s up to you and no-one else
Save yourself, this is the last chance to be blessed

When I was a boy, I’d come a runnin back to you
When I was a boy, everything was simple
Oh lord, can you hear me, oh lord can you hear me, oh lord can you hear me pray

Love walked into the house of lust
Came out withered, turned to dust
Can you feel it, the world is hangin by a thread
Can you see it, the dead dancing with the dead

Peace god willing, peace be with you
Can’t we have peace now, stop the killing
Good vibrations, is so much better for your heart
Soul of nations, risin up for a brand new start