1. 2020 Vision

From the recording 2020 Vision

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2020 Vision is brand new single from Ben Reel which sums up this year in a nutshell. All instruments and vocals by Ben Reel.


2020 Vision
2020 vision, The year that the world went blind
2020 vision, Stopped in our tracks all mankind
Now I can’t see no way to the future
only the mess that we’ve left behind
I can’t see your face, behind the mask
Only your eyes

2020 vision, Nobody seen it coming
2020 vision, Was it Mother Natures last warning
Conspiracies say it was the Chinese
Escaped from a lab some bat disease
We may never know what went on
There’s no smoking gun

It’s the year for awakening
It’s the year for the reckoning
It’s the year for the shaking
It shook up the world

2020 vision, Everybody got blind sighted
2020 vision, U can’t see it and u can’t fight it
U can’t hide and u can’t run
Is it a payback for what we’ve done
Has our time come, to pay our dues

2020 vision, It’s not what we envisioned
2020 vision, Locked down and in revision
The entire human race
Never in our whole lives have we faced
We’ve been put back down, in our place


2020 vision