1. Shine

From the recording Sweet Victory

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In the darkness, you will be my light.
In the coldness, keep me warm at night
In the wilderness, you will the salvation I am searching for

There are storm clouds, gathering overhead
Cast a shadow over this town, I can’t get out of bed
Rains beating on my window, wind’s howling through my door
Searching for the reasons, I can’t hack this world no more

You’ll find me, over the rainbow, and forever I believe in
You’ll find me, over the rainbow, and I’ll shine my loving light on you

When there’s hunger, you shall bring me food
And in exile, you shall be my refuge
And in sickness, you will be my cure, be my healing

There is thunder, crashing through my brain
My hearts thumping so hard, blood rushes through my veins
I got a fever burning hot, rage I cannot stop
Can’t find no relief, all I got is this grief