1. Frightening

From the recording New Horizon

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Well I walked to the top of the mountain
Life seems so insignificant below
Closer to the edge
I’m scared of this feelin, I can’t find no place to go
Does that sky really meet that sea
Maybe that’s the place babe where U & me should be
If you’re too scared to fly, just hold my hand, close your eyes
And dream, we’re walkin through the moonlight
Cos I’m frightened of life, frightened of love
Frightened of dying, wasting my time
I’m frightened of losing my soul

Standing on the edge of something baby
It’s to dangerous, please don’t follow me
Cos my eyes have gone blind to the ones I left behind
And I’ve lost all sight of what’s in front of me
The road is long and the dust I rise
From beneath my feet, will blind the search for me

Well my cup of waters empty
And my throats feelin dry
I feel my skins getting older
And I’ve wandered long miles
At the end of the road, I see a shining light
With a smile I walk out of the darkness to find my soul

Losin U, Losin my soul