1. For U & I

From the recording New Horizon

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For U and I

I see one magpie outside my window
The signs are bad,I don’t wanna go out there no more
The vibes are bad between you and me
This house is filled with a bad energy
Do you get the feeling that we ain’t gonna make it at all

When the night comes & darkness about to fall
Are we ready to quit and lose it all
Got to get ourselves out and start breathin again
This ain’t no way for you and I live

You see your own little world outside your window
Everyone got there own little reality
Your’s is maybe different than mine
We’re 2 separate worlds that collide
Most people don’t think about it they just let it be

See a rainbow in the sky now the storm subsiding
I feel the wind has changed maybe there’s hope for us all
Things ain’t that bad when you look what you’ve got
More than enough, more than a lot
Hey look on the bright side, I’m sick of complaining