1. Lonely Ship

From the recording New Horizon

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Lonely Ship

I was a sailorman never found myself a wife
Worked my fingers to the bone
I lived a solitude life
Married to the ocean, sailed the seven seas of life
Now I’m old and weather beaten
I’m washed up with the tide

The lonely ship is waitin for me
I’m lost at sea
Somebody save me

I’ve had many a lovers in every port & town
Broke many of hearts
I could never settle down
I had a gypsy’s soul, kept a wanderin around
Now I’m just a wise old fool
I miss the oceans sound

Got to wash my soul in the waters, wash my dirty hands clean
Getting ready for the last voyage
I pray my soul will be redeemed
Like a wave on the ocean, I’ll blend back into the sea
Dissolve into the deep
Into this universal dream