From the recording New Horizon

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When will we every be free

What about the native American Indian
The cherokee the Sioux, the cheynee the apache
The Navahos & Utes too
They took their land & freedom, killed off the buffollo
Their aim to wipe them out, left them no place left to go
They butchered their women & children, buried their hearts at wounded knee
Turned the white snow to red, with the blood of the cheynee

What is this world coming to, I just don’t know
Welcome to the new world order, the white man’s sown


When will we ever, really be free
When will be ever, really be free
Trapped in a cage of so called democracy

When will we ever, really be free

They killed off the spirit, evaporate the soul
Turned us all into cyborg robots, under their control
Brainwash our minds with lies, try to put into line
The truth will always suffer, lost through time
History is always told by the conquerers and winners
The losers are betrayed as the evil do’ers & sinners

Over 400 years ago in a place called San Salvador
Christopher Columbus landed on the shore
Took the natives all for slaves, turned paradise into desert sand
Nothing much has changed in the empire of the new land
Money is the new God, and that God is greed
The more & more they take, the more & more they need