From the recording Time To Get Real

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Time To Get Real

Time, your ahead of your time
You read between the lines, one step ahead of the rest
You lead the way, and I’ll follow your line
You’re just one of a kind, yeh a beautiful mind

Its Time to get real,to get a grip of reality
Time for the truth to be told
For the mystery to unfold,yeh it’s time

Time to break free
Loosen the chains, part the sea
Follow your heart, make the blind see
To see through the lies, and the false prophecy

Are you ready this time, to walk the line
To follow the signs
Don’t look back to the past
You’ve got to live in this time
Just taste the sweet wine
From the best grape of the vine
Just taste the sweet wine

I can see the clouds are clearing
I can see the clear blue skies
I can feel my fear is fading
Blowin away your seeds of doubt
Just cast them out