1. Many a Time

From the recording 7th

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Many A Time

Whiskey drenched night, beer stained floor
Smoked out room, ashtray filled morning
Close over the curtains, the sun will make you go blind
Tom Waits plays us out with Closing time

Many a time, oh many’s a time
I’ve been here before oh many a time

Verse 2
Like trying to carry water in the palm of one hand
Like trying to grasp the mystery of God’s glories plan
Told all the secrets whispered in a dream
Wake up and it’s gone floating way down on stream


Verse 3
Lost in confusion, lost in the haze
Lost in translation like a rat in a maze
Can’t break the circle or shatter the glass
Break all the old habits to be free at last


There’s something going
but nobody’s telling anybody what they know
There’s something going on behind the smoke and the mirrors
Most people just don’t wanna know
On a road that’s leading to nowhere