1. Meant to Be

From the recording 7th

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When I met you all those years ago
I got that feeling, when you just know
U shot a cupid arrow straight through my heart
I fell in love with u right from the start

Yes It’s all meant to be
It’s all gonna work out for you and me
They say It’s all meant to be
Things are gonna work out for you and me

Verse 2
Like a force of nature, U hit me hard
And in a whirlwind I was caught
When I saw u, I was blown away
And we’re still dancing in the wind today

Chorus/ Bridge
All my sorrow, all my pain
You sucked the poison from me, you give me strength

Verse 3
Now we’re half way down the tracks
Baby don’t turn around, don’t look back
Cause it could turn us into pillars of stone
U know we’ve come too far down the road

It’s all meant to be