1. Lucky Streak

From the recording 7th

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I went out searchin’, for love and grace
I met the man and he told me
Thing’ s shall fall right into place
Those who wait shall be rewarded
He said the last shall be first
Don’t hesitate when you reach it
Just trust your gut and instinct

They say everything, It comes round my friend, comes round my friend
They say everything, is just a waiting round the bend
And we’ll get there in the end
I’m on a Lucky Streak
Gonna find that girl I wanna meet
Way down on lucky street
Things are just falling at my feet

Verse 2

I hit the ground running
And I swear I’m never going back
I went off the rails, but now I’m back on track
I caught the last train, just in the nick of time
Now I’m riding in to the sunset
Straight on down the line