From the recording Soldier Of Love

<p>First single release from `Land Of Escape' album 2018.</p>


<p><strong>Soldier of love </strong></p>
<p>Ah won't you take me by the hand</p>
<p>Lead me to back to the promised land</p>
<p>Where the milk and honey flow</p>
<p>In the story book that's how it's told</p>
<p>I'll take my shield and sword</p>
<p>I'll fight for you my Lord</p>
<p>I am a soldier of love</p>
<p>Now the battle has begun</p>
<p>Between the Good and blacked out sun</p>
<p>Nowhere to hide nowhere to run</p>
<p>U Got to choose which side you&rsquo;re on</p>
<p>The time is coming near, the nemesis is here</p>
<p>I am a soldier of love</p>
<p>When all is said and done</p>
<p>And all the wars in the world are won</p>
<p>I will stand there by your side</p>
<p>In the glory of your paradise</p>
<p>Bring heaven down to earth</p>
<p>A 2nd chance rebirth</p>
<p>I am a soldier of love</p>
<p>I am a soldier of God</p>
<p>I am a soldier of love</p>