1. Waitin For U

From the recording New Horizon

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Waitin for U

Saw U on the street just the other day, 2 U
might as well have been a million miles away, your hair
Flowing long touched my skin as U passed me by
Sent a shiver down my spine U know it nearly blew my mind

I cant stand here forever
Waitin for U (rpt)

Seen this girl on the street just the other day,
She looked into my eyes nearly took my breath away
She could, be my soul mate the one to share the rest of my life
But we passed like 2 strangers
Like 2 ships in the night

Going down, to my local fill me up with a feed of drink
When u’r lonely, in the dark of night you’ve got too much time to think
In this bar, same old faces, same old tunes playin, every night
Some people like it like that
But tonight I’ve got to change my life

I let U slip away
I let U off my line
But U ain’t gonna get away
Next time