From the recording New Horizon

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Come out from within

We’re all living in a delusional life
Trapped in the samsara of this world
Chaos, uncertainty, impermanence & fear
Is the nature of this universal game
Like a dancing flame, out in the wind & rain
Your gonna blow out for certain
Your gonna suffer the pain
Karma is gonna get you, if you don’t get there first

Got 2 waken up yourself
Time to shed your skin,Got 2 waken up yourself, come out from within

Haven’t been to many places
But I don’t care too much anyway
Cos if you go you’ve gotta take yourself
Explore the mind before you sail the seas
Don’t have to go to India
To find yourself within
Don’t have to climb the highest mountain
To wash away your sin
The blind leads the blind
As we walk this earth aimlessly

Every heartbeat, is like a heartbeat away
Every second is of precious time
If you’ve done something good
For somebody in this world
then you’ve done something worthwhile
You’re past is like a dream
future a fear unseen
You wake up in the night, scared & screaming
Then U realize, your life is full of emptiness