1. Rainy Night

From the recording Time To Get Real

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Rainy Night

I’ve been thinkin bout home now lately
Been thinkin bout all those good times
I’ve been thinking bout my childhood memories
Playing football in the fields in the summer
I’ve been wonderin bout my old school friends
And the sweetheart that I used to fancy
Is she married, where is she now
Would she still catch my eye in a crowd now

Ooh, it’s a rainy night in Ireland, whats new
It’s a rainy night but I’m still missin you
It’s a rainy night

See I left my home many years ago
Went to work in New York city
I’ve travelled around this whole world I’ve roamed
Settled down with a girl in Sydney
I have’nt been back in a long time now
Got me thinking it’s been overdue
I Called my Mother on the telephone
What’s the latest news from home now

Ooh, I dream of you, when I’m gone
Ooh, I’ve yearned for you, for so long
I’m missin you