From the recording Darkness & The Light

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Our Father’s Sins
In the days of celtic dreams
Innocent child wild and free
Ancient voices callin me, feel the heartbeat
And I walked in the sun
Thru the gap in the hill
And the blood of my past, rose up with a thrill
Feel the heartbeat, feel the heartbeat

In the cold winds that blow
In from stormy seas
And we’re rollin back the stone, of history
And the glories of our past
Comes risin from within
And we know, we’ve seen the last
Of our father’s sins

This old land lost it’s soul
Wicked ways took control
Forgotten wisdom of old, lays awaiting, in the mist
Take me back to golden days
Follow the laylines and passageways
Sacred mountains, holy streams, drink the waters of healing
Drink the waters, of healing