Ben Reel

This is a real Rock n Roll record from Ben Reel and his great Rockin' Band

Ben Reel will release his seventh studio album entitled 7th on Mon 18th May 2015. Like his previous album `Darkness & The Light’, his new album 7th was recorded & produced by Ben in his own studio in South Armagh, Ireland.

Track Listing: 1. Lucky Streak (Reel) 2. One Of These Days (Reel) 3. Crushed It (Reel) 4. Say (Reel) 5. God’s World (Reel, Olney & Webb) 6. Reflections Of The Blues (Reel, Hadley & Webb) 7. Back On The Road (Reel) 8. Meant To Be (Reel) 9. Many A Time (Reel) 10. Gimme Some Room (Reel) 11. Given It All (Reel) 12. Coming Round Again (Reel)

Bonus Tracks: All Souls Alive (Reel) & Resurrection Man (Reel & McLoughlin)

Since his debut back in 1999, each album released by Ben Reel has gone from strength to strength earning him many plaudits from the music media around the world.

Ben’s unique style has evolved by drawing from a wealth of different types of music, from rock, soul, blues, alt folk/Americana, country and reggae. By fusing these different genres behind his songs he has created a sound that has become his own.

Over the years Ben has made numerous radio and television appearances along with playing support to artists such as Jools Holland, Alabama 3 and The Cranberries. He has collaborated musically with such names as Hal Ketchum, the legendary ‘Blockheads’ and the award winning saxophonist Gilad Atzmon.

As a songwriter and performer he has co-written and worked with some of Nashville's finest, David Olney, John Hadley, Sergio Webb & Irene Kelley.

Over the last seven years Ben Reel has toured extensively across Europe and the USA resulting in the development of a loyal and growing fan base.

The Ben Reel Band features Ben Reel on guitar and vocals Michael Black on drums, Ronnie O’Flynn on bass, Mick McCarney on guitar and Julieanne Reel on backing vocals & percussion.

Amongst the bands most notable performances include appearances at festivals such as Huntenpop in the Netherlands, Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots, Cork Jazz Festival and Ireland’s premiere music festival “Electric Picnic” in 2014.

In 2013 Ben toured the UK and the U.S. with Tommy Womack (Nashville) and last year the Ben Reel Band toured the UK as double bill with the legendary Eric Andersen.

Musicians who played on 7th include,

Ben Reel (Vocals, Guitar) Michael Black (Drums) Ronnie O’Flynn (Bass) Mick McCarney (Guitars) Gerry Black Jnr. (Guitars) John McCullough (Piano, Organ, Synth & String Arrangements) Julieanne Black Reel (Vocals) Kelle Redmond (Vocals) Ronnie Morgan (Drums, Vocals) Ronald De Jong (Vocals) David Olney (Vocals) Sergio Webb (Guitar) Jimmy Bakker (Guitar) Hans Heidt (Saxophone, Brass Arrangements) Eoin Daly (Trumpet)

Message from Ben Reel:

“Being the 7th studio album I have released - hence the album name - I am proud to share this landmark record with you all. May there be many more to come from my home studio here in South Armagh.

I hope you enjoy the twelve new songs featured on 7th plus the two bonus tracks. Included is a new version of ‘All Souls Alive’ which first appeared on my New Horizon album back in 2007 & ‘Resurrection Man’ a track I co-wrote with Tony McLoughlin last year.

Like I say in the song ‘Back on the Road’

I’ll see you when i'm coming through I’ll be coming to a place near you B .Reel

About Ben Reel:

Ben Reel is a native of Silverbridge, South Armagh. He started his musical career performing & songwriting with “Trim The Velvet”’ before going solo in the late nineties.

Against the backdrop of the troubles in Northern Ireland, music became Ben’s way out.
He first picked up the guitar when he was fifteen years old, inspired by the realness of the likes of Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young whose music struck a chord that resonated deep into Reel's psyche. This is still reflected in Ben's heart on the sleeve approach to performing and writing.

Today Ben Reel performs both solo and as a duo with his wife Julieanne and as The Ben Reel Band. He divides his time between touring Europe and the USA and producing music for himself and other musicians.

Ben Reel Band: Ben Reel vocals acoustic guitar, harmonica. Michael Black drums. Ronnie O’Flynn bass. Micky McCarney piano, keyboards Julieanne Black backing vocals and percussion,

Discography: Albums 7th (2015) Darkness & The Light (2013) Time To Get Real 2009 New Horizon (2007) Sweet Victory (2004) Lost in a Haze (2001) This Is the Movie (1999)

Discography: Compilations Ben Reel - '10' (1999-2009)

Discography: EP’s Exorcise Me E.P. (2000) U People (2005) single

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