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`Land Of Escape’ 2018

'Based on his excellent albums, Reel deserves to attract a wider audience. Slow burning is the best description of the beautiful music on Land Of Escape.'  -John Gjaltema- Alt.Country.nl- 2018 **** 

Speaking of tasty discs, this is another one the Irishman Ben Reel has rejoiced us with. The twelve songs on the eighth studio album belong almost without exception to the very best that he has been able to deliver to date.’ -ctrl.alt.country- Belguim April 2018 ****

‘The Irish man presents here twelve pearls of songs with the best songwriting, "Land Of Escape" is a typical Ben Reel album that sounds a bit different, just as you would expect from a musician of his caliber. Just like a good cook, Ben Reel stimulates all taste buds.’ -Freddie Cells-Rootstime.be **** April 2018

'BEN REEL. "Land Of Escape" is a picture painted in subdued colors that seems to reconcile the self-torn with the self.'         Andreas Schiffmann - Musikreviews.de (Germany)

'This is essentially a folk album with a hint of jazz thrown in, Intelligent and uplifting songs addressing many issues of the day in the style of the 1960’s folk movement.' . -Michael Farley, Americana UK 2018- 

'Bens music holds a unique and special quality, while at the same time showcasing dept and versatility' -Megan Gnad RnR UK 2018-

The musical talent and ability is on full display, the production was incredible and lyrically it is a masterpiece. -For Country Music News International by Jeremy Frost - 2018-

Weak songs can not be found on this excellent album. In fact, it is his most successful album so far, question remains, when he finally breaks through to the general public. He has been earning that for years. - Theo Folk- 2018

'The South Armagh musician has learned his trade and, on his eight album, presents a series of atmospheric, well crafted and smartly arranged songs'. -Eamon Carr- Evening Herald- July 2018-

 'The songs could be from 70s artists like "The Band", Land of Escape is a nice companion for a session in the hammock'. - Chris Elstrodt - Folker (Germany)-

'Reel' dominates the simplicity and takes his listeners on a emotional journey full of personal insights. It's a cd filled with melodic ingenuity and relaxing arrangements, which fascinates.- InMusic (Germany) 2018 Ute Bahn - 4/5 stars ****-

'What an intense, extremely subtle and atmospheric sounding album' Real roots cafe NL  



`Ben is a singer-songwriter from South Armagh with a mighty band behind  him,  the sound is sometimes reminiscent of Dylan and The Band.' - Dai Jeffries (Folking.com) May 2015  ****


`In days of yore there used to be something called ‘good time rock ‘n’ roll’.  With 7th, Ben Reel’s just reinvented it. ' ****  - Pete Whalley - Get ready to rock  Sept 2015


`Certainly the South Armagh man shows no sign of flagging on this self-produced 14-track set – and that goes for his impressive band as well. Reel’s 2013 Darkness and the Light album was strong, but this is better balanced and more consistent. '              

- Joe Breen - The Irish Times -  **** album review of 7th/ May 2015


`Fine return from N.Ireland's premier exponent of American roots'                                    

- Colm O'Hare Hotpress 7/10 stars / 10th July 2015


'A Stunning collection that confronts the everyday struggles of ordinary folk'. The guy is a great singer, superlative songwriter and on the basis of this self produced effort, a studio maestro. Highly recommended.

-Maverick Magazine- June 2013 Alan Cackett


'Career highlight for south Armagh man, his best yet'

-Hotpress- April 2013 Colm O'Hare


"His energy & desire to communicate, to sing, is infectious, and the Armagh man's band rises to the challange. This is a meaty, mature, well produced album concerned with serious topics."     

- Joe Breen, Irish Times July 2013 -


" He's not afraid to throw in some in folk, soul, reggae vibes, which in turn call to mind John Hiatt at his best. "

-R2 Magazine by John Atkin July 2013-  (4/5 stars)